When the Daily Mail article about my own story was published in March 2015 the response was enormous. It was shared over 2,000 times; there were hundreds of comments posted online, the paper received hundreds of letters - and I received dozens of emails sent to me via this website. The personal messages were all from people who had lost someone dear to them and they wanted to tell me about how much they were grieving and that my story had helped ease the pain a little. If you are bereaved and need support then I recommend this site for BereavementUK, a hub for bereavement support and information worldwide:


Bereavement is an individual process that is as unique as the relationship that you have had with the person that has died. Grief can take many forms and be expressed in various ways. It is not unusual to withdraw from people slightly and not feel like talking in your usual manner, just as it is not unusual for you to want to talk more than you thought you would about what has happened. Everyone is different, and your own response to loss will depend on your own personal circumstances. Physical and emotional responses to grief can at times feel confusing, overwhelming or isolating. We know that grief does not fit between office hours, and the companion of the internet can be a useful support when others are not available. Alex, Tania and their small team of counsellors are also available for e-support, so if you would like to email us, or to tell us your story, please do. We will reply to you as soon as we are able. 


Following publication of 'Flight of the Kingfisher' and an article in the Daily Mail about how I came to be interested in the paranormal following the death of my brother, I received hundreds of messages asking me to recommend psychic mediums. This is difficult to do as choosing a medium is a very personal thing. Here I list four, in alphabetical order, who are tried and trusted by me and have also been consulted by people I know who have been completely satisfied with their readings. I suggest you look at their websites carefully to help you choose, as they have quite different styles and approaches to their work.

Dee Banton: http://isvh.co.uk

Julie Cook 'Ravenstar': http://www.ravenstarreadings.com/

Lynne Pomeroy: http://messagegiver.co.uk

Peter Steedman: http://www.ukpsychic-medium.co.uk/