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A collection of poems, some with a black & white illustration (no illustrations in the e-version). Covering a diverse range of subjects, including an alien abduction, a young woman watching as archaeologists uncover her own ancient grave, a massacre in a Greek village and a chat-up line that goes disastrously wrong.

ISBN 978-0-9567954-2-7

One of the poems, 'Agoraphobia' is featured on the website of the Agoraphobia Resource Centre in the United States. You can hear it and see its illustration on Youtube:

I think my favourite poem from the collection is 'Ancestor', inspired by the reconstruction of human remains found in archaeological digs.

I am not yet to you a person,
I have no name.
But I see that my scattered remains
intrigue you as you tag and bag
and prepare to discover me.

Take care as you lift up
the beads my father gave me,
treat with respect my betrothal cup.

Oh, I remember now
how we made our vows
as we walked around the sacred tree.
Then we drank wine
and I was his
and he was mine.

But that was …

I will stand and watch
as you carbon-date my bones
and analyse the stones
of my burial place.
I shall wait while you reconstruct my face
in wire and clay

For I am as curious as you
to know who I was
and how long I have been sleeping.